Webside Chats – what to expect at these regular webinars

If you have not attended a Webside Chat with the Montana State Librarian, Jennie Stapp, you may be missing out on a unique, very Montanan opportunity to learn and participate in the Montana library community.

Jennie Stapp began offering these regular live updates online several years ago. They are usually scheduled on the 2nd Friday of the month, but depending upon schedules and to keep the content of these sessions timely, they may be scheduled at a different time. They are ALWAYS recorded and posted on the same day as the event. Chats usually occur on the Friday after the meeting of the Montana State Library Commission and include an update on the activities of the MSL Commission.

But, the Webside Chat is so much more than just a recount of the work of the MSL Commission. As a State Librarian, Jennie Stapp strives to support world-class library services available to all Montanans through resource sharing and collaboration, statewide. These online webinars often include specific details on how the Montana State Library is identifying areas of need across the Treasure State, and how the MSL is evaluating and delivering services that address those needs.

Jennie Stapp often invites MSL staff, other Montana state agency staff, and representatives from the Montana Library Association and librarians in our state to present at the Chat.

So, in a nutshell, the Webside Chats are newsy and informative, but they are also an invitation to everyone who cares about library services in Montana to have a voice as well.

On behalf of Jennie, I would like to invite you to put the Webside Chats on your calendar and plan to attend them frequently, suggest topics for Jennie to take up at a future Chat and share what you know about your library’s activities and your community’s needs.

Check on the ASPeN eCalendar for information about the next Chat: https://mslservices.mt.gov/ASPeN/Events/

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