ASPeN Basics Course


Your Montana State Library utilizes a customized online database to conduct ebusiness with libraries and librarians across the state:  ASPeN (Access to Services, Programs, and eNetworks). ASPeN combines a calendar with online forms for reporting information to the State Library and registering to attend events. ASPeN also serves as the official directory of library operating hours and staff contacts.

ASPeN provides transparency in library operations and informative data, in keeping with Montana’s sunshine laws and providing valuable insights to stakeholders about the important work of Montana’s libraries.

Every Montana librarian and board member (not just library administrators) is encouraged to use ASPeN to update their information, report their continuing education activities, apply for services, and Montana State Library Certification. We know that learning to navigate ASPeN may not be easy for you, but we are committed to supporting you in learning how to use ASPeN with confidence.


That’s why we have designed the ASPeN Basics course: one class per month, to start-up,rev-up, and polish-off your ASPeN skills – six classes in the course. Each class starts with a demo focused on specific tasks in ASPeN. The demo is recorded. The rest of the class time is set aside for attendees to get guided practice with the instructor as a guide. Each class comes with printable handouts and all the handouts are also posted to the ASPeN knowledge base (click on ASPeN help to access the knowledge base).

Take only the classes you need, choose whether to attend live for hands-on guidance or to view the shorter demo-only recorded segments. Get to know different MSL staff and, if needed, follow-up with your favorite person to get more training or review. Gather a couple pals to watch the demos and practice together.  Use the handouts as a tip sheet the next time you need to complete a task in ASPeN.  All the handouts together make a handy ASPeN users manual.

So…  find the classes in the ASPeN events calendar; login and register for the one(s) you need. Watch for the demonstration portion of the classes to be posted to the MSL Vimeo channel, and find the handouts in the ASPeN help section > knowledge base.

When: Fourth Wednesday May-October 3-4 pm

May 27 3 pm Lesson 1 – ePass and registering; orientation to ASPeN; things you can search for and find in ASPeN (Chuck)

June 24 3 pm Lesson 2 ​– Update your own information – upload photos; difference between person and position and why we have that feature (Suzanne & Pam)

July 22 3 pm Lesson 3​ – Update your organization’s information – the role of a master editor which is usually the library director (Amelea)

August 26 3 pm Lesson 4 – Update library personnel information; creating and editing positions; removing a position and/or marking it vacant (Pam & Suzanne)

September 23 3 pm Lesson 5 – Set up a certification track participation; registering to attend meetings and training events; your ToDo list (Tracy)

October 28 3 pm Lesson 6 – Earning and adding credits: system and independent; tracking your progress and submitting your certification application (Jo)

The direct link to join any of these webinar events:

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